our process 

How to create with Halleloo


Let's get social!

First things first, we set up a meeting with your marketing team (there will be fancy coffee for sure!), we will put on our research hats and start figuring out everything about your brand you’ve already worked so hard to create. Not just what you do, but how you do it, why you do it, and how people FEEL when they work with you! We feel that the most powerful content is emotion-connected, story-driven content that authentically relates to your audience. 

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Packaged, Perfect

Once all of our ideas have melded into a super idea, we will present you with our proposal for a social content package which will outline exactly what we plan to create for you and all of the beautiful deliverables that wait for you at the end of the journey (photos, instagram stories, facebook videos, oh my!)

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From Creative Agency to Production Company...

If we all feel like we are vibing then we will morph into a production company right before your eyes and go straight into execution mode. Our collective of Halleloo Chameleons will make you look great in any frame. With a social content package in place, we’ll get to work making the ideas come to life while you can rest easy knowing your content is in great hands.

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Cut to the delivery of final cuts.

You are staring at your phone screen, tears welling up in your eyes as you reflect on this beautiful journey we’ve all taken together. The fun. The challenges. The triumphs. Then the posts start going live - you’re getting so many new followers, so many likes, so much engagement! And we all pop champagne and become friends on Instagram and start planning next month’s content! Sound fun? It is.

Join our band of chameleons!